How to make yourself invisible


  • Spill ink only into the ocean,
    the waves won’t hear you weep
  • Drive backwards in the alley
    that is never lightened at night
  • Cry out loud
    only in forests where no one can hear you
    except the birds and the leaves
    and the fox that hides even better than you do
  • Move your hands and your fingers
    in small circles and pretend
    to always hold a cup of tea
  • Scratch open all your scars and bruises
    only when you are drowning
    in a sea of crimson paintings
  • Find a pullover that is as good
    as an invisibility cloak
  • never look up, into other people’s eyes,
    if you can’t see them, they can’t see you
  • Realize that all existency is just made
    of light & reflexions
  • And finally stop taking everything
    and especially yourself
    so seriously
  • It is just part of another story

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