The Lights From The Town


You see the lights
from the town
vanishing in nights.
The clocks counting down
all your lost fights.
You, kissing the ground
until you go wild.


Snowflakes in June


We sat there until the stars came out. First there were only a few. But then the entire sky was blinking and glittering and the moon lit up the world – or at least our tiny part of the world.
I was smelling of suncream and lime icetea and you were tasting like suncream and lime icetea.
Birch leaves came falling down on us, swiftly and softly, like snowflakes in june.
Wind was blowing and I was looking for my jacket, not finding it, but never admitting that I was cold.
Then: my skin lit up as your fingers touched my arm, swiftly and softly, like snowflakes in june.

How to make yourself invisible


  • Spill ink only into the ocean,
    the waves won’t hear you weep
  • Drive backwards in the alley
    that is never lightened at night
  • Cry out loud
    only in forests where no one can hear you
    except the birds and the leaves
    and the fox that hides even better than you do
  • Move your hands and your fingers
    in small circles and pretend
    to always hold a cup of tea
  • Scratch open all your scars and bruises
    only when you are drowning
    in a sea of crimson paintings
  • Find a pullover that is as good
    as an invisibility cloak
  • never look up, into other people’s eyes,
    if you can’t see them, they can’t see you
  • Realize that all existency is just made
    of light & reflexions
  • And finally stop taking everything
    and especially yourself
    so seriously
  • It is just part of another story

A burning heart


Your heart is like ice
And mine is on fire
Flames, rising up
Up, up, into the skies
And further, always further
Until my flames touched your ice
they licked the cold
tried to burn it down.

In vain.

Sometimes the ice is too strong.
Or the fire is too weak.

I am sorry.
But only for you.

Because I will find another heart
that is made out of wood.
Or out of sparklers.
Waiting for some flames.
And I will light it up.